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So I've been wondering outloud about compromise. The words get jumbled in my mind but all of most of them as of late have been trying to delve into or understand the methodology to the terminology of compromise. I compiled a list yesterday evening as I sat on the plane ride home from home. Check it:


1). Negotiate our Understanding
2). Facilitate Perpetuation
3). Comprise Objectivity
4). Share Wealth
5). Systematically Oppress
6). Understand Understanding
7). Eschatalogically hope
8). Identify Ideas

Now these are the first things that popped into mind. After I jotted down this annoyingly vague but very well rhymed list, I put it away and went back to reading. I also shared with my single-serving neighbor a little mental inventory I had taken up recently. I was going through my life, post-vacation, and had realized how swell my life is. From work to home to family my life is very good. Not only is it just good, but it still enjoys the visceral adventure that is New York. I just handily needed the perspective to ascertain what attributes my current life had.

I feel from day one of existence we are taught to compromise. From our beliefs to our understanding to our bodies, we are taught to compromise. Society teaches it. Our family teaches it. Our cultures teach it. Our own minds push toward it. My list has some positives and negatives of compromise, and it's one of those words/ideas that rides the grey avenue. It's hard to dispense as completely good or completely bad. Relatively it can be either or.

But, at least for me, I have to associate how much I have compromised or what I have compromised. Moreover, what those compromises have cost or gained. For me, I feel I've compromised a bit too much. I've gave up on something for what may be called the greater good, or what I was convinced was the greater good. But that compromise may have cost me something that was worth more than the greater good; personal goodness. I don't know, tomorrow I may find out I haven't compromised enough. It's all an annoying jumble of existence

Only cause we have to share this world, our lives, our dreams, our natural resources, our love, our hope, our oil, our homes, our time, our talents, and ourselves with each other...

Be Relentless,