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Americanism and it's predication on the soul by a disillusioned expat. Episode 1

Mister Marx says that we are born into chains. His thoughts opposed that of a John Locke(-smith?) who mentioned somewhere, "That we're all born with a clean slate." As idealistic as this Locke fellow sounded, I'm more inclined to the idea of the socialist sepulcher of Marx's. However, when assessed and deemed part of Americanism, Marx forgot to deal with the differing size and weight of the shackles.

Why Americanism? Why not imperialism or colonialism? Why not just call it culture? And let's just answer yes to all. You, meaning me and you and us, are all right in those
questions; to a point. But this is the America I know and I've seen and feared and fought for and hated. This is because this "ism" is as evil as all of the most evil "isms” that ever lurked then rolled over humanity.

Jefferson along with the rest of the supposed fore-fathers declared in there document of independence that "All men are created equal..."; eloquent and poignant as it sounds, how true is it? It's true enough to found, let's say build, or steal, a piece of land later to be called a free country. Nice, I know. But factually, literally, based in a visceral reality, it is no where near true. Not all men are created equal. And we know by no means are men and women created equal. There are volatile disparities all around the globe. But in America it's hidden. It's supposed not. In this opening phrase, "All men..." Americanism hides well what human nature deemed true, and tries to usurp it as idealism. Color taints equality; gender taints equality; class delineates from this equality; sexuality steals from this supposed equality; religion definitely takes away from equality; let's just say beliefs in general do not make you equal. They make you vie for a face; they turn people into enemies.

Alright, let’s begin by appealling to what Madison and Alexander declared as the outright evil against liberty which is found in the idiom the “tyranny of the majority.” Publius wrote in the Federalist Papers that this evil would be disseminated in a democratic republic where all voices would be represented and heard. Nice idea. However, there is a definite cultural hegemony that controls and rules. This hegemony, this cultural power, transgresses on all by voicing the voice of the majority. It’s the power of the ruling people, deciding how it’s subordinates should live. There is tyranny without a loud tyrannical voice, yet it’s a tyranny against the minority furthering oppressing the minorities’ ability to have humanity. In essence, American culture has elevated itself to such a level of esteem and control that through numerous subtle voices it controls what is defined as good and bad and in the end takes the subjective powers away from the peoples and defines what is truly objective. The fight between asses and elephants is a nice fascia representing what Publius fought for in this endless struggle of compromise, and it somewhat works in the political struggle, however in the cultural battle of everyday existence, there is a definite majority defining the road and the way to travel.

But Americanism would never say that outright. We in America value eloquence and stature more than anything. We read prose or we study volumes of history or we observe charisma and we lift the best onto an elevated pedestal. We worship the eloquent. We give praise to those of stature. Wit and eloquence are vastly overrated. We forget the everyman, because we are the everyman; America does not give glory to equality, but to the highest in stature is where the power is praised.

History is one of those post-modern terms that has come into argument. Thanks to thinkers like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, we no longer just take one perspective of history and say, this is the history of the world. Fathomless, you could say. Completely relative and subjective to the eye of the beholder; that is, you and I. But in America’s short history, we have somehow, that being Americans, have lost or failed to grasp, or just never really had a history. Or maybe with such a large scale country, in size and persons, that has grown so quickly, we haven’t had enough time as a people to assess what are history is. Or maybe, due to our ever so shrinking open borders, there are so many different cultural narratives to our history, that we have yet to gather it all into a pretty box and wrap it up and declare it as our own. So what do we as subjects of this Americanism do, we purchase. That ugly term rears its ugly head: Capitalism. We fill, we grab, we horde, we extol what we had in hopes of gaining more. What for? To fill the void that lacks any history. For the lack of mythology, we sublet capitalism. Then we hide so disgustingly behind this belittling humility, and then pronounce to ourselves how undeserving we are; but in the recesses of our minds, we are glorifying ourselves. A mix of the over-encompassing pursuit of happiness has forgotten the simple pursuit of felicity.

What this does is, it puts another sedimentary layer to this once thought of equality as that of a larger rift in inequality. Here is where people hide behind the class system. Rank 'n file. The classes separate by knowing how much they can purchase, and, no more is this a war on necessity needs, but on that of what one can do to fill this "history-less" shaped hole. The disparity between what people can have and want to have and don't have is as perverse a rift in logical thought that can take over a man. But mother culture, that of Americanism, still shouts that this is natural. That this is ok. “I purchase therefore I am…”

Now there is something elementary to American thinking that has found a common mother, and that is systematic thinking. Jeremy Bentham and Thomas Paine brought us the view of Utilitarianism. Not an answer to the why and how of existence, but a definite facet of existence. Systematic thinking is employed to further a group, and it works very well in this vain. If the group compromises some things and follows a system, a track, a way, then the group will advance and survive. IE: the greatest good for the greatest amount. Exactly. However, that systematic goodness tries to burrow past the group into the individual, and then it goes bad. You get the roaring voice of the hegemony as it whispers in the individual’s ear with a systematic approach to life. Americanism not only gives you one system, but numerous systematic choices for supposedly advancing your life, climbing up echelon by echelon, and if you follow this systematic “advice” you will be happy. You will achieve, the dream of Americanism (the great American Nightmare). However, this system was not employed for the individual. It can’t facilitate the meeting of the needs of the individual, because the subjection of the individual is not in needs of compromising anything to achieve the goal of just living. Again, the system works when the group, the enclave of persons, compromise in order to make the system work. But when the individual compromises in the presence of the system, the individual has lost his ability to be human. His cognizance or let’s call it his awareness is forever lost. He is lost in the group rather than aware in his existence.

Here we go. The nitty gritty. So no easier is this seen than in religion. I know, all cultures, all societies mandate a religious backbone. But we’ll--meaning you and I--will look at that of Christianity. Simply put, the context of Christianity worked well in Roman through post-Roman rule, but has to be changed manipulated to fit the gears of our time. Modernity has a definite new face, but the hegemony of Americanism tactfully employs this old world religious system to tear apart the humanity of its people. First off, you have to accept there is a definite hegemony. A power that has the power found in the whisper of mother culture. And when it infinitely uses the prose of Christo’s voice found in the text of the Bible, it does what power does best, it manipulates. And I mean literally manipulates. Through the shadows it controls, dictates, and MANIPULATES the people under its subjection to do things, view things, and believe things from only one viewpoint. Anything outside this one-sided view is a specter of evil. What’s worse is that this vantage point renders itself outside common rationale. The eloquent of past ages, those revered as saints or sages of this mysticism, are so worshiped that their proverbs, their teachings are seen and garnered as completely true. There’s nothing wrong with valuing a metaphor for the beauty of truth that can be garnered from it, however when that proverb is castigated as an altruistic reality, it then places persons in the realm of right and wrong. If you accept this truth of the hegemony then you are right, however, if you question this supposed truth, or fight to think otherwise, your condemned as wrong. Here is that interesting word of compromise one more time. This is where you begin to see the systematic masking of the people. The groups, which are comprised of individuals, are made to compromise their subjectivity in order for the groups survival. Survive under the lead of the imperialism that is Americanism.

Funny how through simple study of the Bible’s religious text proves that various themes of “good vs. bad” has changed over time: polygamy, divorce, sexuality, God himself. Yet the hegemony will not allow for that to happen as it reins its people. Americanism seeks to further the group. Now there are definite exceptions. And sometimes those exceptions slip through the cracks and germinate providing for a new bud to grow. A new part separate from genuine Americanism is born and grows well, but soon the power of the American voice is there to take hold, gather the root, and steal the life from the individuals that fought so hard to create something new and fresh and even a bit real; and then again it’s lost to Americanism. It’s a very large machine with a scale that can not be ever measured until it comes crumbling down. Belief is easily bought and sold and turned cheap and falsified like plastic.

With the embracing of modernity in America, there is a rift in the pack which was formerly unheard of. The size and breadth of this country leaves a way for persons to separate and yet still be covered under the umbrella of America. Americanism installs an interesting logic that teaches persons to be individuals by separating from the pact and gives the person a false sense of identity but then reins the person back in through American ideology. Confucian logic holds so much value on that of the family. Confucius promoted the family. He spoke highly of the intertwining of the bloodline of peoples and how that is where the only value of life can truly be found. But yet Americanism calls for a separation of families, leaving individuals vulnerable to the manipulation of the voice of mother culture. The evil tantalizing voice of Americanism. Young people seek their individuality and lose the roots of who they are, later on in the grand scheme of things, sought after to be controlled by the power of Americanism. Later to be turned into a puppet of the greater culture and less under the love of the nuclear family. The family is separated completely only left with a nostalgic sense of identity which is capped off by the Sitcom culture. We are so happily presevered by the joyous telecommunication age, but we have forgotten the true joy of face to face interaction.

The saddest part of all this is found in the breakdown of the aforementioned idea of individual culture. When I mentioned in how American history may be not so easily defined due to the fact that there are so many cultures coming together to comprise the face of America. A little black, brown, yellow, red, white and everything and anything else in-between. But maybe the full on purpose of the evil that is Americanism, the overarching ploy of this power, is to destroy any sort of cultural context. Families move to the states in search of that supposed ploy of goodness that is Americanism—the voice of power is what defines good and bad—and sells the beauty of that culture up the river in exchange for a supposed American existence. Through the filters of good and bad, right and wrong, politics and religion, communication highs and lows, and dispersion, Americanism strips the layers of culture of a person and homogenizes them into a mediocre man. It takes what once was beautiful and original and replaces it with what is mundane. Laws that were the ways of living for former cultures are no longer seen as valuable in this America, and are exchanged for hopeless pursuits. These pursuits are the realms of indoctrination that Americanism uses to steal and replace.

Why all this now? July 4th is soon approaching, and patriotism is in the air. Blind patriotism is a terrible thing that a person can express, so I just ask that you open your eyes to what is gained and lost in being a patriot. Is what your glorifying more evil than it is good? Just a question…

My twenty-two minutes are up…

Be Relentless,