Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

my yin

Justin had lived at many places, one of his places was Dove Park. I went there
once with him and found a scooter. A red and chrome Razor scooter.
Maybe I stole the scooter, but I feel I found the scooter; maybe it was
some kid's prizedpossession; but he left it out and I found it, and then it became mine.

I've only been back a few hours and I've already ridden that scooter. I've
done many simple things like that. Smoked, eaten, laughed, sat, and
watched. Many small things. The Yin in my life is shortly being
resurrected. This is my soft place.

I present it as a simple duality. New York and Amarillo. They are both me now. One is hard and full of everything. Strong noises along with hard experiences. The
other is quiet in voice and gentle in exchange. I try to express Texas
as my vacation. However, truthfully it's a very necessary part of my
life. It's not a place of escape, but it is the part of my life where I
can escape. The necessary void.

It's good to be here. I definitely need to be here. I need the flat land. I need the rudimentary lifestyle. I need the quiet.

I need this Yin...

Be Relentless,