Remoy Philip

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Life, in its moments, can be completely and adequately invigorating. I know you know; we all do. When it just needs to be worthwhile, life will inevitably be worthwhile. Ganesh and his devious complications don't seem to be bothersome in these moments. No, the pendulum of complexity stops swinging and for once a horizon of a joyful peace sets in.

I got lost yesterday. Take that back, I got misinformed yesterday. To make this right let's stay informed; my take-back isn't the product of heeling my bruised ego, no, I truthfully was misinformed and ironically it was by my own means of corrupted info. You see what happened was that I had one too many beers at brunch and then I got home to pass out and then to wake up to a realization that I was supremely late to a baby shower. Now I had a general idea of the locale of the event; I mean I had the address and with my longitudinal dexterity of my mind in play I located the events location in my mind. However, once I got off the sluggish train I started walking in the direction that my over inflated brain had mapped out for me. However, as I looked at the awnings of the local Brooklyn businesses I could see as the numbers were following a descending pattern, I need them to be ascending. "Well shit, I'm hopelessly walking the wrong way."

So I called a friend who lived on the same street as the location of the event, and he reported back to my disappointment, that I was now correct. The baby shower was the opposite direction and I had to backtrack what seemed like a few hundred blocks to get to where I needed to go. It was all dark skies and deep Brooklyn for me. I walked completely amiable--alcohol induced--through and through blocks and blocks of Crown Heights. I'm talkin' down Atlantic ave, through Utica Ave, down Prospect Place, and finally 1828 Prospect Place.

But it was worth it. I didn't care. Other than the fact that I had to drain the main vein, there was no qualms or wrongs in my li'l adventure. I made it to the soiree happy as can be. No harm no foul. I gave gifts, shared laughs, ate in contentment, danced a bit, and caught up with old friends. The night was captured in photos and I hope the night will be always remembered by the woman, moreover, the family that was preparing for a new life in our world.

It turns out, getting back to my apartment once the night was up took about thirty-five minutes. Now to put that into perspective, my initial flight took about an hour and forty-five minutes. I laughed as I trudged off the bus and straight onto the train that would quickly take me home at the irony of my successful adventure.

I guess what capped off the day is an image that was created in the morning. After I awoke earlier that morning I was showering and contemplating, and my mind birthed an idea. After mentally accumulating the past few weeks, I came to a conclusion, or lets say a realization, my home is here. Not too many people may understand that, but I can say it calmly now. New York is my home.

I'm not talking about the romantic New York of the movies that we've all fallen in love with. No I'm talking about my New York that stretches from SOho to the Upper East down to the LES through Billyburg across to Bushwick down to the Stuy and trickles into Crown Heights. The city that has cost me so much monetarily but has gained me so much spiritually.

I got a couple more weeks of summer left. I don't have dreams of anything too extravagant in mind. I am just hoping to enjoy the rest of my summer; my summer at home...

Be Relentless,