Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

The End of Ze World...

By Remoy Philip

My lungs burn as fire is coursing down my spine. My blood boils bright in primordial screams. In seconds, reality of all shapes and sounds will be over. This is our school of Athens. This is our Holocaust. This is our end.

I am the superhero. I am my worst enemy.

Mythologies and histories are synonymous with one another. While some play out in a theatrical repose, the other creates disastrous futures as homogenized tales of better more utopian worlds. We all knew. We knew one day, this day, that it would all be over. “Whose lifetime?” they asked. Well now is the time for enlightenment, and with no futility, humanity ceases to exist.

I never feared death. I feared after-death.

Ideals have collided in a mass array of war and peace. Here we all stand, as pawns of an evil irony that will soon cast us as graven dust for the future populists of this soon to be depraved world. I am the dirt of utopia. My lungs inhale and collapse in final glory.

I fear no longer. I am no more.

Be Relentless,