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World War III

From Monday October 22nd's Metro

How to avoid World War III
by Ignacio Gutierrez


But the most frustrating aspect of watching all this unfold is how religious ideology is inextricably tied to the conflict. Is there any reason why the rest of humanity should pay the price for the misguided decisions of religious fundamentalists such as Bush and Ahmadinajad who are on their way out of office anyway? "We the people" are the ones who "ought" to be avoiding World War III by insisting our leaders stop hinting at military action every time they merely perceive a threat on the horizon.

Most importantly, for those of us who value living in the present instead of a fantastifcal afterlife, we need to stop electing religious leaders whoo pander to the Messianic delusions of the fundamentalist right, especially in the next elections. Particularly those who refer to the power of prayer over rational thought. The end of the world is only at hand if we allow history to repeat itself in the form of some Biblical prophecy. And this third time will not be a charm.

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