Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.


The allies gather slowly together in a steady rumble as their dark embrace fills the evening sky. Truth no longer is valid in this time, only the fact that the land needs to be reigned upon with absolute power. One may look up and see the clouds ruminating together slowly building each other up under false notions or ideologies of what new reality could be created. They grow in power and might at a rapid speed. The size and darkness of these monsters grow by the second overtaking the once brilliant azure sky; however, every so often, in a statement of disobedience, slight wisps of clouds separate themselves from the majority to float away alone as sole proprietors of a separate idealized truth.

Once the darkness has strangled the once blue sky in complete darkness and has stolen the power away from the light, corrupting the air with false hopes, it throws its power to the ground with bright strikes of pure electricity. Jupiter unleashes himself onto the earth. They are tactical with their strikes and are on the offensive. The loud roars overhead signal the damage done as the confused land-dwellers hide away in their homes hoping not to feel the direct strikes of power. The rain suddenly falls as streams of providential democracy from the heavens. The people sit fastidious in nervous anticipation; moreover, in wonder of what this world will come to, in wonder of when the heavens clear, what may be of their new reality.

The land has been changed. As the horror of the night dissipates, the powers separate and leave to pollinate and colonize different lands with their reign. The land owners slowly empty out of their homes to see their world and view the changes. The sky is left with a new fragmented flag in the full spectrum of colors, symbolizing a new land with another culture murdered in the purpose of diplomacy. The flag fades away as fast as it came and the former light is somewhat restored back to this old world. The wars of this day have changed this world and have changed reality forever.