Remoy Philip

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I am redeemed...

To recover ownership of by paying a specified sum;
To save from a state of sinfulness and its consequences

*So I walk my life intentionally to spread the good news. I don't ever claim to be good with this dealing, nor do I claim to be perfect. Never once does the Word say that any lay person would be perfect at this, except for Christ. Also, what can be disappointing, is the fact that Christ's bride, the church, will be full of blame and imperfections.

But I walk, fully and completely, with the knowledge that God is a redeeming God. God loves to redeem. I believe He loves redeeming just as much or even more so than He does loving. God took a shepherd and made him a king. He took a Pharisee and made him a Sage. He took a catholic monk and made him the seed of entire religious movement. He took a few cursing, winey fishermen and made them the leaders of His church.

I want people to know that their hope lies in Christ who can redeem them. I don't want the world to put their hope in their purchasing power. I don't want people to put their trust in their status. I don't want people to put their hope in men. I know that all these are false hopes. These are just ephemeral pieces of a broken world. But Christ, the Redeemer of my soul, is where my hope lies.

When people ask me if I'm excited and scared about my move to New York, in my mind, I can't help but think, "Excited, 'yes,' but scared, 'hell no'." I'm excited to take this truth to the world. To a world who desires, more than ever, for truth. Cause let's get down to business here; Truth and hope, for the world we live in, are anomalies. They can't be defined or can't be trusted. But with the right vantage point, people's eyes can be opened to their Father and Savior. And that my friends, is what it all boils down to. You can try to argue it and fight it all you want, but when you come in contact with your Redeemer, then, and only then, will you understand.

*This blog isn't composed completely all my thoughts. It's a compilation. If you ever get to hang out with Dave Ritchie don't ever turn it down. Dave has the ability to reveal thoughts that you know are your own, however you don't know how to access them out of your inner man. So for this, I thank Dave Ritchie,

Be Relentless,