Remoy Philip

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I'm in repair : I'm not together : but I'm getting there...

I just packed... I got it done finally. It wasn't too introspective, hell, it wasn't at all. I'm not really nervous about going, not feeling queasy about getting there, nor is my stomach in butterflies over starting anew. But somewhere in between all that jive, there is definately a few elements of the nervouse bug. I can't explain it. I'm trying to conjure up the words to try to define the feelings. But it ain't working. My words aren't broke, it's just not working.

Tommorrow is the big day. It's been an amazing few weeks bein' back in the 'Rillo. I'm going to miss the Texas love and the lackadaisical lifestyle. I'm going to miss the hearts of people who shared their precious time with me. If time is all we got in this world, then I'm in utter amazement and gratitude for your time. The value of my life has been raised a few levels. I mean it was at an "amber" but, thanks to loving hearts and gracious smiles, now I think it has climbed up to "persimmon."

It's funny, I thought I had it nailed down. I had come up with a couple conclusions: I knew exactly what I was going to miss; Secondly I had the "who gives a damn" pile. But since I've been back, and I got to see the world through some more vivid, open eyes, my ideals have changed. I've found more to love and definately, more to miss. I've found more of the Savior in my life. I've seen more things in my life that are more man and less God. I've decided to go on a trip. I'm going to find more of God in life. I don't want to hang around with just the likes of mankind. I want to find more of my redeeming Savior. I think I'll take the rest of my lifetime to devour that idea...

What do you say? Will you join me? It will be one kickass trip... (I love the word kickass)

Be Relentless,