Remoy Philip

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kickin it...

I've been back in the old Atown for about a week and a half now, and I now remember why I love this sittle suburban haven. It's the people that make this place what it is. I guess that's true anywhere you go, but still Amarillo, the city I see, is constructed by some great friends. People who push me, people who laugh at and with me, and people who themselves are real and can be real around me. So kudos to them.

By the way, I'm trying not to be, but... I'm old. My feet are sore. I'm talkin like, give me a gallon of ice and weeks vacation, sore. All I did was play some ball. However, I love growing up. It is so much fun. You get to learn so much more about yourself and the fantastic world around us that God made to glorify Him. Zachary threw me a tidbit early this morning, which, by the way, was such an intense venture. But it was one of those tidbits that can change a life's mentality. And well it did. I learned how to view my future interests as not completion to my existence, but that my life with Christ is complete. I'm done. I can "throw in the towel, kick the can, ride the big one," or... that's all the idioms I've got. But what I learned is that, the future is just icing on the cake. My future dreams, aspirations, and niceties are going to just bring joy to my life. Nothing else completes me; with my Father and Savior, I am complete. How dope is that.

I know this isn't making the greatest sense. But it's one of those I got to get out and read through myself. So thank you for obliging me and taking the time to live it with me. To those who love me and will continue to, thank you so much for being a part of my life. Without you people there, I would never be molded into who I am today. I'm stoked for what the future entails. I pray everyone will find passion in the fact that Christ has a destiny for them. And that their destiny doesn't lie in works but in the power of a mighty living, kick ass, God.

Be Relentless,