Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

"sirbed" like "renob"

I’m not crazy or overtly neurotic, no, well maybe, but it’s that I just think. You know; as they say, paralysis of analysis. Wait but I hate that. I hate platitudinal logic. I created that phrase; combined ideas into one strong metered word: platitudinal. But you know, when you coin that clever (being clever is given to high esteem) phrase, take something and breathe in it value as such of an idiom, and forever so take all the human character away from it. As if every type of human dealing is so damn trite and meaningless. A characteristic, a classification, a trait; no, it can’t be. Not just, but more, so much more than could ever or so forever be endlessly described. Shoot me for thinking. Shoot me for thinking in layers, for understanding things are hopeful and yet sedimentary, and if it be so, then you must dig. Sift through and acknowledge the breadth of the never-ending scope of, well, it, of it all. And for that, for that, and I guess for me, that is me. I am unfortunately too well versed, and I guess vested, in the self inflicted tumult of not necessarily “deep” in the sense of some high esteemed value for the word “deep,” but truly “deep” as in a long painstaking trek into places that I am and should be scared to forever go; the abyss of the “deep.” And that is me, and that is part of me, and again that is none of me. For that is me, the encapsulated me, but who in a moment, once the previous moment has left him, fleeting and temporal as is life, has changed; become something anew. Amorphous in the metaphysical; a shape shifter who has bet everything and lost nothing and has torn down the walls of Jericho in order to reach his promised land. And here I am, walking amongst the rubble of my new world. Thinking with hope and wondering through the debris of what was this world and burdened in thought to create, to build, to structure never endlessly to build; to build everything new. As if the world will crumble in a moment, and I could completely forget what was and look forward, until forward, until the future, until whatever may be, will be, concurrently, becomes me now.

Don't throw your shoes

Be Relentless,