Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

In the Morning

Look, here's what I'm saying, it's not that it's easy, or will be easy, and nor is it perfect, it cannot be made easy, but I am saying, I guess I want to say that even if it just is, it can just be so well. I wish I had more eloquence to say that with, or maybe say it with less
confusion, but those are the words. It can be just so well.

I like to think if moral platitudes served there purpose to the fullest, to the best way possible, then they would be for the mortal, for the self; really the only way to be
employed. I've learned a lot in my way too short twenty-four year going on quarter century life. But the one thing I've learned about all that I've learned, is that if I was to try to teach others or learn the rest, that man that would be so damn retarded. Not on the retarded like, wow that's retarded, but like on the "so damn retarded" level of
complete misfortune of wasting time and/or energy. Because, the proverbial logic that sits in me, that causes me to beat uneasy and leaves me ruminating for seconds, hours, days, lifetimes, works only and works best in me. I'm lucky for that. That understanding is one of many, but applies to them all.

It's not that this idea of "people aren't perfect" is something grandiose, or a show of words on the range of Descartes or Fanon or whosoever is brilliant or clever or witty or eloquent enough at the time, it's just that it works. Not from the outside saying that--meaning: just pointing the finger from your box of soap--but from the inside pointing at yourself as the rest of the world lines up individually and form and echo of all reciting the same two words with a contraction in the middle. Cause then you can move on. Then we could all just move on. We wouldn't have to rely on some highfalutin premise for all which relies on the fact that people, as in humans, won't not just let you down, but that they won't also fail, fuck up, wear down, loose their cool, or just mistake it up.

And with this gem living in your conscience, you can look at the world and just understand that when the bar is set low, the payoff is much bigger. When you're sitting at Christmas day lunch, and you shut your goddamn loud brain, and you just watch and listen, no matter how much bad you hear or have to deal with, you understand that it's OK, cause no body is perfect. People just aren't perfect, and that is perfectly A OK.

Be Relentless,