Remoy Philip

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Evil Empire...

A few days ago was the sixth anniversary of the greatest tragedy to strike our Land's soil. I can remember, like most of you all, everything that was felt in the moment, moreover, the day that the world changed. No matter what city in the US of A you were in, you felt the surreal feeling of true vulnerability.

Well, since I have the blessing of living in the city of where this aforementioned event occurred, I felt somewhat of a responsibility to go and pay my respects to the lives lost. Well, I shouldn't have been too surprised, but when I got to the World Trade Center Memorial there was a protest to present the information that 9/11 may have been an inside job. That maybe the true conspirators of that horrible tragedy, may have been minds in this country's hierarchical system.

Normally, when I myself am approached with such gall, I would be turned off. I mean you think, how can someone disgrace such a tragedy where 3000 humans, moreover, Americans were murdered. But I have been living in this city for a little over a year now, and in that short time, I have come to a new understanding of this world. An understanding that does not let me just accept what is being said to me, no matter how many times it is repeated. I have had the ability to see things, to talk to real people, and mull over ideas of how evil power truly is. It is very interesting to see the correlation between nationalism and the conflict of good vs. evil. What if we, as a country created these enemies of Iraq, Afghanistan, "weapons of mass destruction," PLO, and so forth?

Howard Zinn I think says it best, when he says (paraphrased)that all history contains facts; as the proprietors of this history we have to take responsibility of what facts we choose to approve of and what we choose to ignore. What will you ignore?

Be Relentless,