Remoy Philip

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the limp wristed union...

*So do you ever sometimes look at a dude or group of dudes, and think, "Man they are really bad at being gay." Like I'm talking really bad. The hip comb-over is used to cover the thinning hair. The skin tone is so pale, that organs are starting to come into clear view. The tapered jeans they are sporting are Lee's circa '86. Like the gay majority is ashamed of them, and the straight crowd is yipping in glee on the notion that they aren't part of the hetero crowd. I would love to see a union formed. I'm going to call it the Limp Wristed Union. To join, your gay status has to be approved via a background check, ability to speak effeminately, and your style and look must be given the stamp of approval, twice. Just a thought

Well now on to more pressing matters, let's talk about Remoy. I'm on the adventure of being the new guy at church. Back in Texas, I had the luxury(or curse) of being the judge. New people came into my presence, and I chose whether to accept or condemn them. They had to work to be accepted. They had to prove themselves to me. I know it may sound like elitism, but in a way, it was. But now I'm in the worker bee's shoe, and wow, does it suck. I'm having to try and try hard. It's real hard. I have to put the foot forward and where my heart somewhere near my sleeve. And with New Yorkers, it's flippin' tough. I think it takes a mallet, a chisel, and three healthy blows to break through these peoples' exteriors.

But I'm taking it as one amazing adventure. I've found two dope churches. I mean super dope. In less than a month, in NEW YORK CITY, I've found my church home. How ridiculous is that! God keeps continuing to provide, bless, assure, and solidify.

One last thing, I've been writing a little. I'm loving it. So I ask that you pray for this little Indian. He's excited about this, so he's hoping the right doors will open. The ones that will keep moving him forward under the canopy that his Savior has laid out in front of him. He doesn't want this to be a fleating thought, or just another whim, but a solid step forward into careerdom. Please pray and step in the gap for him.

Thank you, from the deepest part of me, thank you. I need you all more than you will ever know.

Be Relentless,

*I'm not mocking the homo-crowd. I have gay friends and they feel the same way, trust me. And I've also been thinking about it, how do you approach the whole gay lifestyle in church? I've been thinking about it a lot. That lifestyle in this city is prominent, so where does the church start?