Remoy Philip

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I don't understand your idle words...

This is what I remember and miss:

"What's up bro."
"Nothing. I'm outside."
"Cool," Leaving my house.
Entering the car, "Where are we going to eat."
"Let's Wing Stop it. But I got to stop by Pack-a-Sack first."
"Are you going to pick up that six dollar habit that in the long run will kill you."
"I guess so."
"Well, in that case, you wanna go bowling"...

That may not be it exactly, but a few-- and when I say few, I mean many-- of my days in the 'Rillo. I miss those bonds that have not been broken, but somewhat severed. I miss the stagnancy of life. I miss the ability to find worth in nothing. When you looked over the plains, you could see for miles, and there was nothing there. And for some reason you loved it. That is a fantastic representation of Atown, if I may say so myself. The moments of pure joy that you will remember for years to come, are the moments that you were inclined to make the most of. Moments that lacked nothing but your soul. Your soul and the relationships around it. So many different ideas, goals, and personalities packed into these souls who were in such close proximity and surrounded by a gynormous open expanse.

I guess in this feeling is where I got my title for this blog. Sometimes when I speak to New Yorkers, I feel like they don't get me, and I don't get why they don't get me. I want to sit and do nothing a lot. I want to love people, laugh with people, misunderstand with people, be different with people, and be frustrated with people; however, this seems almost impossible because of the fact that NYCers are to ignorant to stop. Yes, I said it. Too ignorant to stop. There is so much to gain in the stillness. In the quiet, when the void is prominent, you can learn so much about yourself, your friends, and your God.

It's not that the grass is greener on the other side; It's more like the grass I remember, was a quality I never want to forget. A quality all to it's own...

I've never been to Vegas, but I've gambled up my life...
-Ryan Adams

Be Relentless,