Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

Doctrine of Prosperity

When I first moved to this city I had dreams. When I first moved to this city, I had an ideal job opportunity. I was ecstatic-the perfect synthesis where my dreams were to become my own beautiful substantive reality.

I did not get that job. I was demoralized. I was more so demoralized that the only job i could get was working in a grocery store. A man who moved to the modern Olympus to climb for his dreams, was now to be a boy stacking celery and meeting the whims of those in need of frozen goods.

The thing about only getting what you want is that you will never be so lucky to understand and appreciate the prismatic reflections of life you will have never known existed. I look back now and am undeniably thankful for not getting that job. I am forever humbled by the jobs I have had. I'm so eternally lucky to have not gotten what I thought I wanted. An infinite amount of doors exist; but only when you greet them, can they be opened. For because of such things, I've experienced a life that at the humble age of 27 has stumbled upon a life that is now invaluable for I hope for nothing but continually experience everything.

That, is the true doctrine of prosperity.

Without Relent,