Remoy Philip

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The week ends with Sunday

I'm at home a lot as of recent. I'm okay with that, I think. But while at home, after spending way too many hours on the internets, I think about the people in my life whom I really care about. I think about how I grew up. I think about all the people I still call friends and all the friends I call family. For awhile there, call it the last five years, I adhered to a non-stop lifestyle. But I've pumped the brakes. It's disorienting. To the extent that I sometimes say to myself, "who are you?"

A kind friend recently told me that your twenties are spent falling on your face.

Taking stock of all of this, especially in this year that at least for the few people I know in my small sphere I call my world has been a very difficult and confusing year, we all feel very blessed. Lost? Yes. But still blessed. I've lost a lot, and maybe even myself (whatever that means), but I've learned that every breath (even when the energy byproduct of that breath is spent on hours-long internet sessions) is still a blessing.

Graciously I accept every future breath that I will receive. And with a broader humility, I am thankful for every breath I've ever had.

Without Relent,