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Vain Prayer

GO with me on this. I would say it's a safe deduction to say that when anyone goes on the campaign trail, say that Presidential one, there is a lot of vanity involved. Like "a lot" a lot. The whole process of building a personal platform, though absolutely necessary, is filled with bloated images behind red and blue curtains full of bureaucratic pomp and circumstance.

With this in mind, isn't it reasonable to say that "Using God's name in Vain" has become pretty standard in politics of the US of A. Every time a politician-right or left-utters the name God, Jesus, talks about prayer ("God" forbid they pray), or makes his or her way into a church, they themselves are being politically productive but conversely, spiritually counterproductive. Not only is the name, the construct, and the precepts behind these spiritual "truths" being used in vain, they are really being used for political vanity.

That's some third commandment shit.

Without Relent,