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My afterthoughts

Now I'm going to be a positivist here. I don't necessarily want to be, it's nothing I'm yearning for, but I'll do it.

And this is my response, last night looked from one team, to be a strong regular season performance and the other team, my team, well it looked like they were still in the preseason. And I'm not saying this frustratedly or negatively, actually I'm saying it with quite the opposite effect.

The Heat scored nine points in that first quarter and in the end only lost by eight points. Wade looked slow, lethargic, soft, and downright unprepared. James looked like the King who was ready. Bosh, well, he's going to have to find his place. But the highlight for this game, at least for me, was to see that team, even when only one of the big three really came to play, is that the team, with all the rest of its parts, look spectacular. Joel Anthony had six or seven boards in the first quarter. Udonis made shots. James Jones made shots. In the third quarter when no parts of the Heat were working together, Spoelstra brought in Z and let the only two guys who know how to play together run a two man game. And with Ilgauskus and Lebron running the screen roll, it allowed the comfortability and knowledge of the two to open up the game for the rest of the team.

What I'm saying is this, even though this was a regular season premier with all the hoopla and fireworks for both positivity as well as egregious haters, my team looked like they were in the beginning of the preseason. And how they matched up with, in my opinion, the next best team in the East, well, they didn't do to bad. And midseason, after this team has really gelled and found how all parts function, this team, meaning my team, is going to be scary.

And damn the new jersey's look hot.

Without Relent,