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Moore's Law and Economics

Its an interesting precipice to be standing upon. For a few generations now, we have yet to face that cataclysmic war that defines us as a generation. Not to demote the "War on Terror" or to degrade the work of American Soldiers, but nothing characteristic of previous generations and the formidable wars they faced has yet to define us. However, the economic and industry climate is quickly and drastically changing and will force us as a generation to make decisions to adjust as well as to force us to define the future of both our country and our world.

Its what seems could be categorized as an effect of Moore's Law; specifically coupled with technology. And this doubling of technology, as tech advances quickly it has challenged the slow movement of our economics and industry. The internet and the products it's produced has seriously challenged both how we do business, but also, what businesses will survive. It has pushed the evolutionary understanding onto the field of business. Those that are quick to adapt, those that are able to adapt, and do it well, will find a way to survive.

But behind that, Capitalism and the Free-Market system are being directly challenged. Meaning, that Capitalism and the Free Market economy is under contention. I think I'm being to broad, and stepping into spheres where my understanding is menial. So let me preface this as an observation that is anecdotal. But when the 80's push for Trickle-Down Reagonomics was formed, the public seemed ready to be really rich. And for those that were anticipating to get rich, which was everyone, they believed that the system would stabilize and the system was incorruptible. And it seemed to be working. But again as we incorporate Moore's Law again, in the last decade or even half decade, the efficient change in technology has caused a quick change in our economy. And then our economy has showed its weekness, and thank God for this late coming recession because the economy can settle to an equilibrium.

However, the private market is what's under consideration. This is the big scare or big worry. We are wondering what to define as private and public and with that the public should be governmentally regulated while the private will find a way to regulate itself.

As this equilibrium finally approaches, we hope to see our GDP reaching for the green. Let's be honest, the rest is a factor to the GDP: unemployment, National debt, reform, these plus many only matter when it comes to considering the GDP.

Is this the end of something big and the start of something scary? Absolutely, and it will be something that will name our generation after.

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