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It just seems impossible to me as society makes its way--be it forward or backwards is a linguistic argument not under the bright lights of contention right now--say it evolves, that terms and ideals that are so readily demonized by the affluent accademia such as hegemony or colonial project are the negative forms of a binary that validate themselves as the positive or antithesis of the supposed negative. My simple argument just says that modern society, aka civilized peoples (and as it seems more and more peoples are being civilized or are civilizing themselves) have to acknowledge that these supposed bad things, or evil entities of society exist and in a way have become a natural adaptation of society. It's not just a negative foray of society, but a vital part in both civilization and it's individual peoples.

Individual autonomy in and of itself seems damn hard and near impossible even if completely removed from society and it's norms, then how on earth as society and peoples evolve can you say that as groups post agricultural revolution and the birth of luxury, leisure, and interdependence, autonomy in and of itself is a luxury of a precivilized world. Then I shall say that autonomy in a social system of language transactions between individuals can no longer keep alive. To better articulate my argument, once a hierarchal system was installed into society, any sort of revolution, no matter how formidable or radical the ideals behind the revolt, against that is impossible. Society is far past egalitarian living, that at least now as the environment around us heavily supports class systems, then we have to live by that. So tyrranies of sort by people taking and giving power will exist.

People who acknowlege these power sources as evil are only then trying to validate themselves as more than good, but pure. However, I would offer the idea of truly being understanding and a real academic of sorts, would be to unbiasly take into consideration the value of the premise of power and classes of all stages and understand how in the science of society it serves as a highly palpable mechanism of society.

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