Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

A Poem

by Remoy and Anya

Blue eyes on a green string
Speed bumps for my heart to sing
I walk too fast down the hallway,
My feet are looking but I’m not seeing
I smack into your speed bump
And wish I could see forever
Jump, run, flee
Get out of my misery
And hope to find hopes final dream
I feel too suffocated to even scream
My inner eye is smogged with steam
With “spreading those wings” I’m having no luck
Anyway; no one in this city gives a fuck

Will I go on and live forever?
Or ever not be just a specter?
Take me hard and let me be
Fly me away; birds of frost
Wings of Ice; high, high
Cold; colder, up and up

These desires are archaic
Homer had them; Dante went to hell and back
But people are the same as they always have been
Even if your language and voice sound more “in”
Is there anything wrong with contentment?
Solid in yourself but away from the judgement of men?
let me be, too
Not ablaze in the sky-
Quietly burning on the ground; brilliant, yellow and blue

And her breasts spoke of heaven
The pleasures of her blend into the depths
The soft spot between her thighs
Tears alone; singular
Bleeding one by bone
Down and down
A trail their own
From a mind
A fairy’s shout of release
Praises a brooks steady life among the trees
Teaches me,
Forever teaches me

The word seeps into me through his breath, through his kiss
Hot mist of his words wind it’s way in my ear
He tickles down to my stomach, down with the corners of his beard
His knuckles curl around my wrist,
Begging my legs to submit
Crash into flesh with a quiver of limbs
We blur into a tangle and into my current he swishes
With my strong strokes time and tempered by went
Soft sounds escape as we work to quell this fever

Let’s write a poem RIGHT now. I have this weird fear that I’ll blow up on the subway and wouldn’t have lived enough

Be Relentless,