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What a Day

I'm so completely happy to be apart of this country. To look out across this city and to see people from varying personal worlds all lit up with an exuberant hope. So Humbling. My God what a historical moment to just let soak in.

I want to get it out of the way and say, I do not now trust my government more than I did, nor will I ever fully trust my government. But I do think as a new generation of Americans we gave a good eight years to neo-conservative politics and as a people and a nation we were let down. I'm fully aware and completely wary of a liberal run two branch government, with the judicial branch always in limbo, that after yesterdays elections is now our future, but by God's grace, I'm ready, we are ready to give it a chance. We have tried letting person's gain their own personal wealth and pad their pockets, and unfortunately that mixed with a never-ending war, it's time to move in a different direction. It's time to ask questions in order to find a solution to unify a people in order to do good minus of subjectivity. A country that is unified, at least somewhat. I know a lot of people put a lot of faith in their government and were hurt, and now it is time, at least to strive for that elusive change.

Humbling. That's the word that has to be theme of this post. Again, so humbling. I was riding busses and encountering people that were united by this election. Real people, who were alluding to a time four decades prior who at that time would never have guessed at such an endeavour of principle. A black man as our president. I'm thrilled to know that with this election, we now have a President who represents minorities who prior, never were represented in the Executive Branch: black, gay, poor, buddhists, etc. Minorities who took their asses to the polls and said, I will do my best to demand difference from my government. My God, what a name. That name will be ringing all throughout geo-politics and it will be ringing as a symbol of the US of A. Ba-Rack, the meter of his name is indelible. And let's be honest, we need to get over this relationship between religion and the state. To quote my too fresh barber (shout-out to Bushwick), "It's 2008, we've moved on." I wish even more so, that with Obama that there would be a bigger rift between a person of unilateral leadership and his tie to any religious servitude. Look, we are the United States which currently is populated by many people of many different people groups. And to deny a person right to have his or her beliefs, cultural heritages, or sexual preferences--in a libertarian sense--is in a way a gank-ass ethnic cleansing. Basically a genocide of peoples who are supposedly not the preferred norm. Again, it's 2008, it's time to move on.

I'm ready, and I know many people, especially of my generation are ready. Damn, I'm ready to give up my pride for this. It's time to stop fighting against and fight for. I'm done with wanting to be right or trying to prove my "right"ness. I'm ready, moreover tired with battling on behalf of my pride, ready to sacrifice my pride and surrender to the way that could lead to the betterment of our American society(whatever that looks like). Let's be honest, we'll probably never be an Egalitarian society, but maybe we can start bridging gaps and fighting together instead of waging aggressive wars with our fellow Americans. I want the best, again, whatever that may look like, for this country. I want the US to step outside the box of the imperial name it's created for itself, and start reinventing what it means to be American. Today alone, I've heard people say, "And now, I rightfully feel patriotic." That makes me happy. A lot of things that supposedly symbolize patriotism, can create a blind evil monster. But now, with this change, this patriotism is rooted in something so beautiful.

The first thing I thought of when the news came to me was fear and worry. Not for the country nor for myself, but for Barack Obama and his family. I wish I was optimistically endowed, but I live in a world that can be tragically evil. I pray for both his safety and his family. I now know what a generation felt when they talked about the loss of JFK. I feel that same connection. Again, I pray for the safety of this man. He knew the mire he was getting into, and I hope, a desperate optimistic hope, that people will eloquently acquiesce the situation and honor our new president's authority.

It's my lunch break, and I'm going to spend the rest of the time grabbing a Times or a Journal so I can tack it on my wall and know I was a part of an amazing part of a new American History. What a day.

Be Relentless,