Remoy Philip

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I wonder why so many people get so rambunctious when it comes to this season of years when suddenly everyone cares about who our nation supposedly is.

Forewarning: This terse li'l essay may sound somewhat pretentious, but my penmanship lends me that ability.

But as the time for a supposed political awareness arises, and everyone from age 14 and up is fist-to-cuffs ready to strike with latent opinion. I mean let's be honest, there are only a certain few, and may I say a well learned few, that truthfully and completely are enthralled in day-to-day year-to-year in the US of Asshole's political tangled structure. They are the dedicated few who have taken control of there knowledge and are more than able to critically and analytically dissect and deconstruct what is on the forefront of the majority's thought and how that parlays into the personification of this into a face that will be the forerunner of our Nation's politics.

For the rest of those more-than-annoying grab-and-bag politico's who take their less than forthright knowledge on the subject and try to push it down someone else's throat without graciousness for the exchange of ideas, why don't you try immersing yourselves in the life of the politics instead of just garnering an ammunitionary opinion. I have never dealt with abortion; I have never closely, and I mean closely dealt with this war; I have friends that are gay; I am part of a minority and feel for other minorities whose voices will never be equal; I know what it's like to not have a father; I know both poverty, pure dirt-broke, and I also know the blessing of wealth; I know what it's like to go to a hospital and worrying more about the size of the bill than the actual standard of my health; I stand amidst a tangle.

My answer to a no-question is, if you don't have enough experience, and you would be rendered as somewhat ignorant to the truth of an actual ideal that is being argued, then either find a way to feel, I mean truthfully feel and understand what it means to be caught in that friction, or step away. There is nothing wrong in not having an opinion. There really isn't. But I feel there is something really genuinely wrong in having a voice that is solely based on general opinion without a weighted burden of proof to validate.

Finally, this is where my heart sounds off loudly. Voting is not your strongest asset in this country. Do not be fooled. The mass majority may tell you that, and if we lived in a true democratic republic then your individual vote may actually count. However, we live in a country that can be seen more as a large corporate/capitalist republic where money is the life-source. With the greenback acknowledged, spend it wisely. Know that when you drop that dollar, or you swipe that plastic, know the power that you have and inversely, the power that you are giving. I am by no way a master, and no way am I saying it is an easy burden to bear; however, you want to actually wage a war that is worth fighting for/in, then be acutely thrifty with the dollar. When I say this, I'm saying know what you're spending on. Know where you're investing your power. Think about where your income is directly and indirectly going. Think about it smart young Americans, your vote only picks persons, but these persons are more controlled by the dollar than by the idyllic virtuous platform they are supposedly standing on.

My diatribe is done.

Be Relentless,