Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

Mysterium Tremendum

I feel I have to, as a human, totally rely on my inner-man as the only pure non-partisan vote for my existence. Outside my realm to postulate thought and consider intrinsic and ephemeral beauty, existence to me is nothing. People often argue that without any altruistic judge, then our existence, our being, our humanity, our culture, our world, and our universe is null and void. Whether he is a clock-maker or whether they revolve in a pantheon, this divinity is what gives human existence it's undeniable value. This idea seems to me very valid and it shall garner in and of itself much acquiescence; however, that still does not dispell the succinct fact, that I exist. I percieve now I see now, and my past is the filter that my now is now concieved.

You know the idea of, "If a tree in a forest falls and there is no one to hear of it, did it really fall;" well I want to follow along that line of thought that many have trailed on, yet I feel it still needs to be aggressively wrestled with. Basically, "If there is something as natural as the earth's movement in revolution, and there is no one there to see it and hold true as beautiful, is it there."

I have many a time been in a location that is devoid of human distinction other than myself and my eyes that see, and I am completely subjected to the idea of beauty. A place, a notion, a moment, a sense, a proliferating idea of complete unadulterated beauty. However, if my choice had varied, and I was no where to be found in that moment, did that moment exist. Moreover, did that piece of prose never exist or "be" to encapsulate the soul.

"Mysterium Tremendum" is a description that Otto uses to describe the divine. He set's no distinct parameters on what or where the divine may be. However, I feel that this latin phrase encapsulates one's ability to percieve and feel a moment. A sublte tremendus mystery keeps us ajar and takes hold of what is our reality.

When I look into her eyes I see this tremendus mystery.

Be Relentless,