Remoy Philip

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The Law of Repetition: Act 1

Following into the art of the law of repetition Act 1:

Complicated is a word I've been resorting to as of late. When it comes to scrupulous, and I mean scrupulous undertakings into dissecting and plotting of let us say, "the ways of the hearts of the people when it comes in big boxed letter 'terms and termination of love'," the word complicated seems a solid safe haven for rest. "It's just complicated."

I mean that not in a sense of fear and/or weakness, but in stand firm in the grasp of that ambiguous term. Sometimes Platonic logic falls just a bit short, and life comes down to being undeniably complicated. However, I have coerced myself into believing that my assumption that I soon will break loose upon you is an idea that holds some weight and will bare some validity in your life.

Gravity is like many laws that doesn't need to be explained, but when it brings that ephemeral feeling of "the light bulb is on and working" back to life. I jump and I come back down. Everything that has to go up, must also come back down. Makes sense because we live it everyday. But once explained that the earth has a magnetic force that literally binds us to this earth, it makes the world a bit more understandable and paradoxically a bit more complex.

So now lay before you my, "law of repetition." When things in life find themselves repeated in one's own life, that is when it becomes quasi-eternal. However whenever the cycle breaks, and something new breaks through into our dimension of time and space, then it becomes more temporal and allows for a new spark in life. I know, duh.

Simply put, the horrible tragedy that was found 60 years back, when Jews and gypsies were taken and thrown into camps to be slaughtered, is and was a horrible fact. But from accounts from the ones that survived, the horrendous beginnings of this time lent these people to become accustomed to the everyday occurrences. Everyday, to these people the apocalypse was happening: the living dead were walking around destitute and naked, people (real living breathing thinking) had to shit and piss in the same water that they had to drink out of, slept four persons to one bed. Again, in the accounts of the surviving few, these days slowly grew from such a tragic newness, to an everyday life. The law of repetition had begun.

Our media and news system thrives, and I mean thrives on one type of news: Crisis reporting. That is what jostles us, and lends the majority to keep tuning in and turning the pages. When a crisis somewhere else is reported to us, we gasp or growl at the shear monstrosity of events that have happened.(Sidenote: We would never want it to get too close to home) However, if the story drags on too far, a little too many words and days have passed, then the story is somewhat forgotten and lost. The law of repetition kicks in, and we, as in the general majority, are off looking for that next new lead that will kick in our senses and allow our pulses to step to a new beat.

If it is repeated, it will become monotonous, which will become the same as yesterday, which will be hopelessly forgotten, or at least put away. I am ascribing this ideal to the term of a law. A law that holds firm to all persons with room for minor exclusion due to a few exceptional persons.

Be Relentless,