Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

for Avijit...

Yo Yo and another Yo

Yuletide greetings from above the Mason Dixon, where the cold flies in on horizontal white roads of heavenly crystalized dust that don't fall but just do fly by...

Another year and again as life ever so often repeats itself, some things come to an end. I was apart, a small part, of something that was big. At least I felt it was bigger than most things I've been apart of; and with that said, I was sure there was to be a paved road for this vehicle to carry me and my compadres to fight the ubiquitous struggle against world evils and come through on top for the marginilized of the motherland. I was sure that we wouldn't be the winners, but maybe, just maybe, we could have been part of the solution.

But alas, our part of the solution is coming to finale. We fought hard against that dark and prevailing night, and we may not have won, but we did some damage. Hopefully, in the long strenuous battle for the future generations of the world, we laid some seed and tilled hearts of many young peoples who will one day rise up to attack indifference and poverty. We taught people how to fish; well, we taught kids how to believe.

I like how I include myself in the "we." My role was mundane and downright miniscule. I on occasion would stroll into this tornadic scene, do my few hours of business, and then I'd walk out wondering what more I could have done. I never felt like I did enough. But the two young ladies who fought hard, and conjured well, I say thank you. You worked your asses off for something that no one else saw. Also, thanks for giving me books, insight, laughs, and one jaded divorced gorgeous indepenedent Indian woman to think about.

Well I got to go get to the office, and do my final deeds. Thanks KWC... You helped me play a part in changing the world...

Be Relentless,