Remoy Philip

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So I've been foolin' around with the juxtaposition of a couple of words, and I've come up with two pretty basic life ideals. Go with me for a little bit and then we'll see where I, the brown guy with the words, ends up.

The first statement is, "Some people have the goals of living a better life." Sounds pretty reasonable I'd say. However, let me expound some, and well I guess, indulge me on this brain fart.

When I say "living a better life," I define this as one with goals for the future. I mean lucrative tangible goals. Let us make a list of a few shall we: Have a good job (I would like one), marry an incredible significant other (without sounding like a chump, Hell yes), Make the world a better place (word). I think this is an ideal place to land in my definition of my aforementioned statement.

Now on to the second ideal, "Some people have the goals of living a life that is better." Now this one takes some imagination. Now this would be a person or being who just knows how to smile when the time does not call for a smile. This person walks forward. This person puts value on really the only thing that has value in this tough world; and that is people.

"Uh Oh," you're thinking, "somebody has been reading too much Dylan Thomas. Or, Remoy do you have a High Times subscription?" No, I am not talking about some existential jive. And you know what, it may sound, look, and even feel that way, but trust me I'm not going there. I think existentialism puts way too much pressure and value on ones self. I mean, truthfully the weight of your joys and mishaps is all on yourself. Truthfully said, existentialism and relativism, like most other "isms" are all self involved. Without the jargon, they're 100% selfishness. But my second ideal, in my opinion, takes on more of a selfless track.

When you are so lucky enough to see a new born baby you are brought with two similar perspectives. One is, "That is a beautiful new person that is born into this world." Or you can have, "That is a beautiful new person that is born into this world that will one day die (like the rest of us)." The second one may sound like the tone of a pessimist, or the the more PC way of putting it, a realist. But I think the second statement levies itself to the hope for life. That life isn't just copious moments of joy or pain stringed together in our brain matter. However, I think it says that life is worth a damn today; meaning, life is short but oh so valuable now. I guess what I'm saying is the latter takes all the pressure of living a life fulfilled but just knows that everyday you can be fulfilled.

Well for me, I'm drinkin' my Vitamin Water and eating my Snickers somewhere in between.

Be Relentless,