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thinking about You...

So check it...

So I've been living in this world for like close to twenty-three years. That means I've had my fair share of damn cool and pretty scary and very "not-so-noteworthy" moments. But the crazy part is next.

There has been so much history that has gone down in my life; and I can only recall only a few moments. Like my recollection only has the capacity for only a couple hundred moments. Meaning, that my ability to remember is limited. Meaning that the life I live and lead, will soon be forgotten by the one living it. How amazing is that? I get to live such a blessed life, however, however my friends, my reptilian brain can't handle it all.

Well that means I have to cling on to the moments I can remember. I have to know that I have lived the most blessed life an Indian brother can live. Like my life is short-lived and even more so, so is my memory.

I can't ever complain people. My life has been grand. I've been blessed to travel the East Coast with a long-haired hippy kid called "LardAss"; I went to Europe with two of the most admirable men I've ever known; I was apart of the only "B" Team that matters; I grew up in Texas, and moreover, Amarillo, Texas; I lived at 19G; I am John P. Philip's grandson; I am Rachel Philip's son; and I live in New York City.

This isn't a swan song. This isn't my farewell speech. I'm not bailing. I'm giving props to my past and holding onto to the blessing that God has bestowed upon me. And now even more so, I say, "Hello to the infinite expanse that is laying in front of me called my future." A future holding in it moments that are worth remembering and silences that will forever be forgotten.

Be Relentless