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my conversations with time...

So when you put this Indian in a small 3x5 aisle with the responsibility of stacking bok choi and parsley, all he is left to do is think... I mean a lot of thinking goes on...

So if you take away death from the equation, you lose the idea of time. Time is only allowed with death. If we had an infinite abundance of life, well there would be no need to calculate time. The earth would still rotate, and that bright orange gynormous orb would still rise in the east and set in the west, but we wouldn't set our schedules for existence on it. I mean I wouldn't feel the need to get up at 5 am and head to Perelandra (The vain of my existence) to make some money so my tomorrows can be A Ok. But since mortality isn't infinite, and our existence is held in the expanse of years, months, and minutes, we have to live with the idea of time and moreover the fear of death.

But check it. So if I was in Adam and Eve's shoes I would probably have made the same mistake. I mean those kids had no idea of time. How ridiculous is that. Their was no understanding of past, present, or future. It was just existence. And when you get tempted with the idea of knowing all (being broken of the naiveness that you think is holding you back),god-like, who wouldn't want to hold that power. I can't even imagine being totally unconstrained by time, and then in one moment the weight and bonds of time are being wrapped around you. Can you understand the frustration that would encompass you. The "Oh shit" face that would be be expressed when the veils were dropped and your eyes are no longer expressing joy, but instead, fearing the face of an inevitable death.

But there are some posititve quotients to this equation my friends. For any person to find value in life, that's where time is key. "Remember that time when I was in New York city with my two best friends, and we did nothing and everything in that city." Statements like that mean so much because of time. Think about what our lives would feel like if time didn't exist. You could do something retarded/amazing and their would always be a possiblity of doing it again and again and again. So that experience loses it's worth; it's flavor is as bland as polish food. But time is the factor of flavor and spice. Because in the end of it all we have ur meet our maker and face the nonexistence of our existence...

Be Relentless,

PS: By the way, Happy 2007 to you all... it's crazy how fast this thing rolls