Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

And He set me on fire
I'm burnin' alive
With His breath in my lungs
I'm comin' undone
And He set me on fire
I'm burnin' alive
With His breath in my lungs
I am comin' undone
And I cannot hold it in
and remain composed
Loves taken over me
so I propose
lettin' myself go
I'm lettin myself go

So I have a head cold that has drained every ounce of energy in me. I work at a place where I have seemed to make an enemy with almost 75-85% of my fellow employees. And it's pretty funny, cause I don't seem to say much or do much at work. I mind to myself, however, for some reason, everyone has taken to a disliking toward me (I figure it's that Southern charm mixed in a liberal conservative blood, that could definitely infuriate the best of any wanna-be-hippie). Oh and another thing. Because of my scheduling, I haven't been to Manhattan in like a week. Now to miss a day in Manhattan during this amazing season of bells, gifts, and winter, is truly a shame. But to miss a week is downright disrespect. Not cool yomeR, not cool...

You ever go through these times in life where there is no doubt about it; Satan is trying to steal your joy. Not only is trying to steal it, he's trying to chop it up, mix it with some fried rice and veggies, and trying to sell it for $3.49 a plate. Basically right now, Satan, the world, and the people of this world have reduced my life to nothing.

I'm a man of challenges. I like to look at challenges in the face. Moreover, I'm a man who is subservient to a Christ whose covering and covenant provide me with a joy that is everlasting. It's one of the greatest gifts that seperates His flock from the rest of the sheep. The world can't have my joy. It's not for sale. It's not up for barter. It's not going to be pillaged out of me. Hell no. HEY WORLD, Look me in the eyes, you can't have it. My joy is a gift of God. The everlasting, eternal, all-powerful, lover-of-all, creater of this universe, jehovah, the healer, the good shepherd; Yeah that guy looks down at me and has promised me a a love everlasting. That is where my joy comes from, and you can't take it away from me. I will continue to shine that joy and face the contempt of the world till death, and then I'll go to be with Him, the one who is my Joy.

Be Relentless,