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the illest of the ill...

So i just made some "from scratch" chicken nuggets and they were the illest...

So I guess I really haven't recapped what I've done here in Philly, so I'm going to go at it. We have been working with a small day camp at a church in West Philly. What this is is a place where parents send there kids during the days, so the kids don't have to spend time on the streets or at home alone. It's more than a daycare but it's not so much of a summer camp. It's had it's rough days, and it's had it's smile-bringin' moments. I've learned so much from this little experience. I've learned what hellians kids are; and I've learned what gracious, amazing people children are. I've learned that my life isn't Sister Act, but it is real life. I can't change the world in a montage that is in the span of 12 minutes. I have to go at it day after day. Fight the battles until my time is up. I've also learned how encouraging smiles are. I've found out that kids love to learn. More so than what they would ever want to admit.

Now props to a small underground church called Epiphany Fellowship. Moreover, props to a God who is more amazing today than he was yesterday. To a God who is in everything. Let me tell you about this little diamond called Epiphany Fellowship. It's in the heart of the badlands in Philly (I don't think the term "badlands" needs to much dissecting to notice the context of the term). It's a church that meets hip-hop. Let me explain. Thursday night is a bible study called The BluePrint. Now worship was insane. It was a dude playing sick beats on a little jazz kit. A dude on the electric piano. And lady whose voice and charisma was carried by the soul sound they achieved. It was neo-soul meeting worship (which, in my books, is INSANE). Then the word was an hour long. I'm not talking, "Hey we're in a rough neighborhood so we are going to drop the word to a poor man's level," but I'm talking this was so in-depth. It was "chopped" as can be. It was all meat. Now on to Friday night. On the first friday of the month, their is an event called Friday Night Fundamentals. This started with some dude scratchin' and layin' down a wicked house beat. Then a good man, named Shylin brought the word. And he brought it hard. But then after that, they went into worship. This super squirley dude came on stage (I'm talkin' the most suburban black dude I've ever seen. Wire-rim Glasses, half-ankle socks, cargo shorts). Anyways, Shy started hummin' the tunes, and then out of no where, this dude started beat-boxin' ( and no hate for my boy Zac Fristoe, but this was amazing). So Shy started singin' these old-school worship songs with only a dude beat-boxin' and another dude scratchin. It was amazing. And when I say Hip-Hop meets Church, that's what it is. It's not forced. It's not over produced. It's not lame or corny. It's real. Moreover, the people are real. The people that are this church, are real. And that is the most intricate part. And It's Christ. And all-in-all, He's dope.

Oh guys, it's intense and insane. I'm havin' so much fun. I need prayer, and thank you so much to the people have taken the time to say a few words to God for me. I thank you, THANK YOU, so much for that. I have been making an impact. Check that, God has used me to make an impact. I'm so blessed. I thank you for being my friends, and my parterns in this dope trip called life...

Be Relentless,