Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

To all My G's...

Yeah I can say that without immediate shame...

Here is an update from my new illustrious life in big Philly. First off, I have straight hair. (Now for all you people who are calling me a homo, well then skip this paragraph) But I told myself I would never get my hair straightened, but I gave in. I had nothing to do, but watch basketball and let pretty girls make my hair. I thought it would look pretty flaming, but when I sauntered to the mirror, I realized how cool I am. Not to sound cocky or arrogant (cause I really have no right to do so) but I think I look like a cool Emo Surfer Indian Remoy.

The other day I met Faber from Trading Spaces. I expected him to be a giant schlong like it seems most celebreties are. But I walked up to him with a stride of confidence, and he generously conversed with my group and I. Talk about a genuine celebrity. I was really impressed. The words of encouragement he gave us, made my day.

Our director here in Philly is a man I like to call Stan the Man. Stan can somewhat be absent minded, and has the quickest stride this side of the planet mars, but he's quite the cool dude. It's cool to have an older man who I can talk about b-ball, michael jackson, and VW bugs with. Stan is going to make this summer quite an enjoyable experience.

The whole four girl thing is great. They are teaching me patience and tactfulness. God is good. God amazes me with the prose of my life. I can't say it any different other than HE deserves all the glory. I can offer Him nothing else, other than that.

All you kids, keep kickin it, and give me an occasional shout out.

Be Relentless,