Remoy Philip

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You’re the Worst: S2 : E8: Spooky Sunday Funday


by Remoy Philip

This is turning more and more into ‘This is the Worst.’

The sophomore slump is a real thing, and it’s never been more true than with You’re the Worst. After an amazing first season run on FXX, You’re the Worst’s second season had a lot to live up to. And with the tight wrap up in the first season finale, it was hard to see where the series would go. 

But the stakes were set and I was absolutely ready for the debauchery and the hilarity to continue. It was going to be an amazing ride that was only going to get more and more bizarre in its comedy and all the more true in itfs vapid humanness. I knew it.

That has not materialized and I was wrong. One episode into season 2 we were willing to let it slide. Two episodes in, we were starting to worry. Three, ‘that was cringe.’ Four, this is turning into a mudslide. 

It’s been eight episodes now into the second season, and the characters have stayed the same, at least in body, but they’ve completely transformed into different people. And with such a shuffle, so to has the plot and the drama and the humor. 

Episode 8 is emblematic of this issue. ‘Spooky Sunday Funday’ is the recycled secondhand version of an episode from season 1 - ‘Sunday Funday’ (that in itself was more or less a generic in its sitcom hilarity). What in the first season was at least fun and charming and entertaining, is now a repurposed boring failure. The dialogue doesn’t hit . The A plot is flat. The B plots are not funny or interesting. And really, we’re pushed further and further away as an audience who wanted to care for these characters and their stories.

In season 1, You’re the Worst was successful in giving us these horribly self-absorbed but still redeemingly and refreshingly honest characters whose stories were entertaining enough to get our investment. However, now being halfway through the second season, the investment is soon to be rescinded and these horrible characters are going to be remembered as apart of a show that went horribly aflop.