Remoy Philip

writer. creator. producer.

Fargo: S2 : E3: The Myth of Sisyphus


by Remoy Philip

It’s not True Detective. It’s better. But similar to TD, we’re three episodes into Fargo Season two, and there’s a mess of characters within an even messier storyline. But where TD fell short, Fargo is winning because yes the storyline has yet to fully bring everyone together, but the characters within this Fargo story have that asymmetrical Fargo flair that keeps us invested because we know it will all play out in that atypical quirky and dark way only Fargo can pull off. 

There’s a plot that is understandable. The characters are interesting though definite; enter Bokeem Woodbime’s terminal nondescript but terrifying delivery as Mike Milligan. There’s the always bridesmaid never the bride character of Ed aka Jesse Plemons aka Landry aka Lance that you will always root for. Then there’s the mother that was finally Met who you know is going to be some sort of cancer to round out this story’s tragedy..

The Myth of Sysiphus is not a specific episode per se in the growing catalog of season two. However, with each episode being an amazing harmony of theater, violence, and uncomfortable laughter, it’s another dark winner for the new and excitedly expanding Fargo franchise.